Articulations/RIA Art Journal/Revue Launch (14.12.2014)

15. December 2014

On Sunday 14.12.2014 Ben Benaouisse and myself launched our Art journal/Revue: Articulations/RIA.

A double feature magazine: R.I.A. Revolution Individuelle Appliquée by Ben Benaouisse (trimestrielle) and Articulations by thierry mortier (published three times a year).

For the launch we decided to start with our last issue and in it our last words. Intrinsically implied in the nature of our collaboration is its ending. Hopefully, many years and many, many issues from now, but as the engagement is to continue publishing together, the end is already there. An inevitability that allowed us to figure out how to treat this time aspect in a non-linear manner. Furthermore, as it's our last issue, there needn't be more than one copy, which allowed us to make it a very special copy.

Together with Pati Petrykowska from Pony Press we printed a cover that is a genuine blueprint on one side and a silk screen on the other side. Inside only one single sheet of paper with both Ben Benaouisse's and my last words. Words we believe to be true today, in 2014, and we're convinced will still ring true in several decades from now.

This single last issue copy is signed by both of us and marked one of one.

Next to this one copy, two artist proofs exist that belong to the artists and are marked AP (artist proof) & EA (épreuve d'artiste).

Pictures in the Archive section here.

The first issue of Articulations/R.I.A. will be published in April 2015. More news to follow soon.

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Nothing called Nothing is Nothing - pictures

01. September 2014

The pictures of "Nothing called Nothing is Nothing" are in the work section here.

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nothing called nothing is nothing - 31.8.2014

18. August 2014

nothing called nothing is nothing

- SECONDroom one day exhibition -

one day exhibition programme:

14:00 - 15:00 1 Opening (public)

15:30 - 18:30 2 Exhibition (public)

19:00 - 21:00 3 Finissage (private)


DOKsite - splitsing Koopvaardijlaan-Afrikalaan - Gent

sunday 31 augustus 2014 - 14:00 - 21:00

Facebook event page here

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P.I. Dead End @ Gasthoven Invites until 28.9.2014

10. August 2014

Public Intervention Dead End @ Gasthoven Invites, Aarschot, BE

until 28.9.2014

Pictures here.

More info on the exhibition here

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Gasthoven Invites 9.8-29.9.2014 (31.7.14)

31. July 2014

Opening Gasthoven Invites 9 augustus om 19:30, met een vernissage in CC het Gasthuis!

Iedereen welkom!

Voor de herdenkingstentoonstelling die dit jaar in het teken staat van de 173 burgerslachtoffers die Aarschot te verduren kreeg in de eerste dagen van WOI breng ik er de publieke interventie "dead end" - meer info over het werk volgt.

Meer info over de tentoonstelling:

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ILYA PRIGOGINE IN KLEUR - 21-25.7.2014 Ghent

10. July 2014

Public, Participatory Group Exhibition:


More than 50 contemporary, belgian artists have produced over 70 different colouring pages, inspired by the work and the person of ILYA Prigogine, belgian nobel prize winner in Chemistry in 1977.

During a public intervention, these colouring pages are made available to the public at large. Anyone can come and participate in the completion of the work as well as decide how to show case them in a public venue in Ghent, Belgium.

21.7.2014 til 25.7.2014

Ham 145+, Ghent Belgium

Follow the updates on Facebook here

The public intervention is part of an artistic festival that will run from 19.7-26.7.2014 initiated by Ben Benaouisse & NOVGOROD vzw. All info about the NOVGOROD FESTIVAL here

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Kunstsalon Sant 2014 Brugge 29/5-15/6/14

22. May 2014

Tentoonstelling wedstrijd beeldende kunst

29 mei > 15 juni 2014

Jan Garemijnzaal (Stadshallen, Markt 7)

dagelijks & gratis 12.00u > 17.00u


Beirlandt Marnix, Boel Sven, Bonte Nel, Brantt, Broucke Kurt, Callaert Jonas, Compernolle Jens, De Bruyne Peter, De Meerleer Sylvie, Desutter Elke, Einfinger Horst, Gheuens Kim, Konior Sylvia, Koolen Bart, Lagast Peter, Lamote Marleen, Latruwe Diego, Lema Vicky, Lucas Gino, Mortier Thierry, Rabaey Luc, Rothkoff Nathalie, Schatteman Ann, Steyaert Evi, Van Woerden Sara, Van Wuytswinkel Marieke, Vanderhoeven Tim, Vandeweghe Hans, Vandorpe Leen en Verleye Kevan.


Marianne Van Boxelaere

Raphaël Sachsenberg

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Ben Benaouisse in gesprek met Thierry Mortier (19/3/2014 20u)

18. March 2014

Geen campagne zonder standpunten.

Op dinsdag 19/3 bekent Campaign Man kleur tijdens TumultInGent #2.

Een Artist Talk in de vorm van een diepte-interview, een gesprek tussen Ben Benaouisse en Thierry Mortier.

Om 20u, Vloer 0, paddenhoek 12, Gent.

Jij komt toch ook?

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02. February 2014

Pen drawing on 240 rubber erasers ...

more images here

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L'origine de l'état-providence (edition of 10)

28. October 2013

Next to the work "L'origine de l'état-providence" on show right now in Antwerp, Lokaal01, I also made an edition of 10 of "L'origine de l'état-providence". Each one, a Museé d'Orsay postcard of Gustave Courbet's origine du monde, with a small hole pierced through it to allow 2 small plastic wires to come through & on the back, a life-size replica of an IUD glued to it.

Full pictures here

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De beperking van het getal kinders (24/10 - 9/11/2013)

14. October 2013

I'm participating in the exhibition "De Beperking van het getal kinders".

A group show curated by Tom Nys with Barry Camps / Alexandra Crouwers / Pieterjan Ginckels / Thierry Mortier / Tinka Pittoors / Lieven Segers / Nathalie Vanheule / Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / Lotte Veuchelen / Colin Waeghe.

This year it's exactly 40yrs ago that contraceptive products could be legally 1) promoted & 2) bought in Belgium.

The show will offer artistic reflections on the 40th birthday of this legalization.

Opening 24/10 20u00 @ Lokaal01

// Provinciestraat 287

// 2018 Antwerpen

The exhibition runs through 9/11/13. Tuesday - Sunday 13.00 - 18.00

More info on the event page on FB.

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Semiofest 2013 the videos (31.5-1.6.2013)

27. August 2013

Videos from my presentations @ semiofest 2013, Barcelona, Spain.

The first video is my explanation of the 'unitri' sign you can also find in the download section under a cc license share alike.

unitri video

The second presentation is the explanation of a formula that was the basis of my first artist'multiple:

the unabriged encyclopaedia of human knowledge to date

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the objectification of space | first instalment

09. August 2013

The objectification of space is an ongoing project investigating one of the greatest known unknowns i.e. space. Known unknown as we know it, we've named it, we can talk about it but we don't 'know' it, we cannot 'know' it ... we can however objectify it. That is if you believe we can actually understand how objectification works within semiosis (i.e. the production of signs).

the first instalment of "the objectification of space" is a blank facebook page. A blank page, with blank posts, blank comments ... do give it a "like" here if you appreciate blank space.

the second instalment is scheduled for september 2013 ... so, watch this space! pun intended.

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All You Need Is In Danger (tot 22 sept. 2013)

18. July 2013

Een tentoonstellingsproject van Ben Benaouise, Dany Deprez, Alexis Devos en Jasper De Pagie doorlopend en veranderlijk tot 22 september


zaterdag van 14u tot 18u

zondag van 11u00 tot 12u30 en van 15u30 tot 19u00.

+ Alle dagen open tijdens de Gentse Feesten. (20-29/7)

De tentoonstelling ALL YOU NEED IS IN DANGER integreert nieuwe werken van "guest artists": Felizarduo Felizmente en Thierry Mortier.

+ Finissage op 21-22 september:

een ontploffing/happening met andere kunstenaars... (programma volgt later)

Meer info op de FB-event pagina hier

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7.11 Pop Up Art Convenience Store (11 juli 2013)

07. July 2013

Bedankt aan alle deelnemende kunstenaars, alle bezoekers & een bijzondere dank aan iedereen die er werken kocht!

De foto's van de "7.11 pop up happening" hier!

Op 11 juli gaat in D-Art House, wijngaardstraat 24, 8500 Kortrijk de kunst-happening: 7.11 Pop Up art Convenience Store door! Iedereen Welkom van 11u tot 19u!

Met werk van:

Gery De Smet (°1961) - Lieven Segers (°1975) - Line Boogaerts (°1986) - Vadim Vosters (°1979) - Koen Vanmechelen (°1965) - Elke Andreas Boon - Stéphanie Leblon (°1970) - Karen Vermeren (°1982) - Thierry Mortier (°1974) - Alda Snopek (°1971) - Ben Benaouisse (°1971) - Dirk Slootmaekers (°1962) - Peter Weidenbaum (°1968) - Ekaterina Kaplunova - Chloë Delanghe (°1991) - Steven Baelen (°1981) - Olivier Deprez (°1974) - Sanne Debrabandere (°1986) - Christophe Denys (°1974) - Peter van Ammel (°1976) - Jeroen Degrijse (°1985) - D-Art House

meer info hier!

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Afgelast wegens Crisis / Cancelled due to Crisis

05. July 2013

NL: De bouw van het "Monument voor een Crisis" werd noodzakelijkerwijs afgelast wegens de huidige economische Crisis.

ENG: Construction of the "Monument for a Crisis" has been halted due to the current economic Crisis.

Info here.

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Vers interview Hilde Van Canneyt 1.7.2013 (Dutch only)

01. July 2013

Vers interview van curator en kunstblogger Hilde Van Canneyt met TM, mij! op haar blog met een mooi voorproefje van de tentoonstelling Kortrijk Vlaandert die donderdag 4 juli opent.

Meer info op Kortrijk Vlaandert

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Kortrijk Vlaandert 4.7 - 18.8.2013

21. May 2013

I'm participating in "Kortrijk Vlaandert, van provincie naar provincie" a city art parcours throughout the city of Kortrijk, BE, curated by Hilde Van Canneyt.

Opening on July 4, 2 PM.

Opening speech by Jan Hoet at 19h.

Finissage August 17.

Opening hours: every thursday, friday, saturday and sunday 4.7 - 18.8.2013 from 11.00 - 18.00

More info: Kortrijk Vlaandert

Artist list:

Peter De Cupere - Tom Woestenborghs - Gery De Smet - Lieven Segers - Line Boogaerts - Vadim Vosters - Leen Voet - Koen Vanmechelen - Elise Berkvens - Jan De Lauré - Fien Muller - Hannes Van Severen - Elke Andreas Boon - Stéphanie Leblon - Karen Vermeren - Thierry Mortier - Alda Snopek - Ben Benaouisse - Colin Waeghe - Mira Albrecht - Helmut Stallaerts - Dirk Slootmaekers - Peter Weidenbaum - Ekaterina Kaplunova - Chloë Delanghe - Nick Ervinck - Steven Baelen - Joachim Coucke - Olivier Deprez - Michael Dans - Michel Couturier - Ronald Ophuis - Conny Kuilboer en Ben Kruisdijk

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Semiofest 2013 31.5-1.2.2013

20. May 2013

Speaking at Semiofest again this year. The two-day conference on all things semiotic.

If you want to check out the abstracts already, click here.

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website make-over

18. May 2013

The site is undergoing a make-over @ the moment.

Estimated to be fully functional again by Wednesday 22.5

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- TM

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